Kink Yoga

Presented by David Aeon and Suzie Q

A yoga session that focuses on warming up the shoulders, back and legs as well as offering mindful breath and body practices to help ride sensations that may arise during in your rope session. The aim of the class is to help you 'drop in' to a relaxed state of higher consciousness before the rope work begins, creating a deeper sense of connection between yourself, your breath and your body as well as between yourself and your partner.

Requirements: none

Neither Up nor Down

presented by -succubus- and noxiousblossom

In this class, we focus on transitioning from the floor rope to partial suspension using taught structural floor shapes and incorporating different techniques to create various emotions with ourselves and our rope partner/s. This is a good way to start to adapt shapes you've learnt so far in your rope journey to include subtle transitions or variations to build upwards.

Target audience; this class is not suitable for beginner riggers, though this class can be a continuation of "May the floor be with you" or participated as a stand alone.

Rope; at least 3-5 biners, 7-10 hanks of rope, safety cutting equipment

Rope bottoms; this is a hands front class, ties will rely on your own natural resistance and ties are quite restrictive, however can be adapted to suit your individual needs. You'll be shown methods of self checking, communicating, giving feedback in the moment. 

Fight Club

Presented by -succubus- and noxiousblossom

*No actual fighting will occur during this class.

In this class, we will develop predicament ties that give our rope bottoms a sense of being suspended without ever leaving the ground, by using rope and the rope bottoms body 'against' them. (Think stretched legs unable to bend unless a waist rope tightens) or being perched on your side, precariously balanced and feeling like you will topple over...but won't) and also different methods to create some single rope shapes that can be incorporated at any stage of the "tie"

Note: as this class involves people of all body types, everyone's ties will look different but will apply a similar approach to tying style. Because we are going to be rolling around on the floor (rigger and model!) Hands front ties will be used.

Target audience: this is suitable for all levels, however it would be beneficial to be able to tie a single collumn tie, inline cuffs and a futomomo that doesn't slip if knelt and moved around. This class is also suitable for people wanting to tie more than one person at once. (Game on!) 

Rope bottoms: this is your chance to test your riggers understanding of your bodies. They think you can't move? Prove em wrong! 

Rope: at least 6-10 hanks of rope, safety cutting equipment

Guided Rope Meditation

Presented by Aleni DV8

A mindful rope experience. This class uses mindfulness techniques while guiding you through a simple rope bondage form. The purpose is to approach the act of rope bondage in a relaxed, controlled manner, become more aware of your own responses throughout the process of rope bondage play and (if you are the Top) project your intention for the play or (if you are the bottom) fully experience the play by being present in the moment.


  • 2+ pieces of rope