Neither Up nor Down

presented by -succubus- and noxiousblossom

In this class, we focus on transitioning from the floor rope to partial suspension using taught structural floor shapes and incorporating different techniques to create various emotions with ourselves and our rope partner/s. This is a good way to start to adapt shapes you've learnt so far in your rope journey to include subtle transitions or variations to build upwards.

Target audience; this class is not suitable for beginner riggers, though this class can be a continuation of "May the floor be with you" or participated as a stand alone.

Rope; at least 3-5 biners, 7-10 hanks of rope, safety cutting equipment

Rope bottoms; this is a hands front class, ties will rely on your own natural resistance and ties are quite restrictive, however can be adapted to suit your individual needs. You'll be shown methods of self checking, communicating, giving feedback in the moment.