Finessing Your TK (Gote)

Presented by Miss Gen

It doesn't matter if you do L-Locks or Half Moons, Upper Kannuki or none, Miss Gen can help you to finesse every part of the Gote that you use. You must be able to complete a Gote/TK already (this class does not teach a Gote/TK).


  • Know at least one TK/Gote you would like to improve on

  • Enough rope to tie that TK/Gote

It's all in the hips

Presented by -succubus- and noxiousblossom

In this class we focus on creating ties that focus on the hips so we can build ties that are sustainable for our rope partner/s, before we get them into trickier positions  In this class, we will go through a few different variations and adapt accordingly. While the ties themselves are relatively simple in application, tension and placement is your game. By adding in a few other elements, these ties really add versatility and give you freedom to explore. 

Rope bottoms: this class will focus on your hips so when you are partially or fully suspended you feel supported by the rope.

Target audience: this class is appropriate for intermediate and beyond and students should know how to safely attach mainlines for suspension. If you are not ready to complete the suspension element, or just don't want to, these ties can be incredibly functional on the floor as well. 

Equipment: at least 8 hanks of rope, 2-4 biners and or a ring.