Fet Model Shoot but without the pro gears

Do you want to capture awesome Fet Photos with a gorgeous model but don’t have all that fancy gear - cameras, flashes, studio lights, studio?

It doesn’t matter if you only have your phone, a ‘little camera’ or a flashy camera that you’re not quite sure about, we can take your shots to the next level. With an experienced model and Mike & Matt there to guide and mentor you, you are bound to get some great shots.  We anticipate a ‘Three look shoot’ with three distinct Fetish Themes.  We know you all love rope and it IS OzBound so one shoot will be rope, but not suspension.  

Please note, in keeping with the ‘no pro gear’ theme, we will not be using studio lights and showing you how to get great shots without them.  You will be able to keep your shots, with a signed release, as long as you accept the model release conditions, ie crediting and non-commercial use requirements.

Your hosts


The resident photographer at Studio Kink and part of the teaching team is an award winning photographer with a passion for capturing the emotion and connection of shibari and the wider kink scene.  He has been shooting kink in Australia and internationally since 2009 from private shoots to performances and large events like Sexpo.  He is available for private, commercial and editorial photo shoots and works on location and from his studio within the Studio Kink complex.


Matt is an award winning Sydney based photographer and cut his teeth as a live music photographer for the alternative lifestyle magazine Rogue Inc, when he was asked to travel the country with Sexpo to be their on-staff photographer. He has worked with some of the best riggers in the industry, from both Australia and overseas.  Matt is available for private commissioned photo shoots and is also the owner of The Alibi Studio, the newest kink friendly photo studio in Western Sydney.