May the floor be with you

Presented by -succubus- and noxiousblossom

In this class, we focus on tying on the floor, this is not a suspension class, but designed to provide skill and imagination to beginner through to more advanced rope student alike.

By using simple techniques and communicating with each other, you'll be able to create sustainable shapes to form a solid foundation to maximise your vision, be that artistic, sensual or playful.

Ties will be hands in front only and no hands behind back ties taught in this class, and all ties are to be adapted to the person being tied.

Safety equipment
At least 5 hanks of natural fibre rope
Pre-requisites : single column tie
Target audience: all 
Rope bottom requirements: you only need to be able to communicate, the ties should not be stressful on your bodies, unless otherwise negotiated with your rigger