Studio Kink is a Sydney-based educational cooperative formed by MarkAleni and Lani De ViateNawarei, Cypher and Precipice.

Studio Kink is a space for people from across the kink community. It's primarily a space for education, to run classes and workshops that cover a range of topics, from rope to D/s, heath and safety to alternative relationship structures, and everything in-between. However, we understand the importance of gaining experience firsthand in a non-academic setting, and that community is built in actions, as well as words – from intimate gatherings, to live performances, play, and social get-togethers, Studio Kink is flexible in its abilities to meet the needs of the community, while the team behind the Studio have the passion, experience and knowhow to provide the events that get the community talking.

With one of our core values being cooperation not competition, our doors are open to other talented educators, both local and from further afield. Studio Kink is a safe and creative space, focused on building connections between all segments of the kink community, a space for artisans and crafters, performers, instructors, for those who have experience, skills and passion to share. We are committed to treating everyone who passes through our doors fairly and with respect, and this extends to recognising the value of the time and skills we know that many will be keen to contribute. We’re also committed to giving back, and a proportion of all our profits will be reinvested into the community. Because this is, above all, a space for community, for those who want to learn and experience, grow and discover.

Studio Kink provides a safe and creative learning space for the kink community, upholding the values of:

  • Cooperation rather than competition
  • Respect for people, place, property and privacy
  • “Your kink is not my kink and that's okay”
  • Risk Aware Consent

Education at Studio Kink encompasses the broad spectrum that is kink, fetish and BDSM , with classes and workshops that cover an ever-increasing range of kink-related topics, provided in a variety of formats and targeted at many levels of skill and experience.

There is a strong focus on Japanese style rope bondage (AKA Shibari or Kinbaku) at Studio Kink. With our Team comprising internationally recognised rope educators and performers, regular classes to build your skills, a rich and varied schedule of events and classes, and international guests throughout the year - Studio Kink provides quality and passion in rope education that is second to none.

However, Studio Kink is by no means limited in scope, we seek to explore and enhance connections across the kink community. Our team have a wide range of skills to share, and we welcome educators, both local and from further afield, who enhance and enrich Studio Kinks educational offerings.