Studio Kink Open Rope Exchange

Wednesday nights we are opening up Studio 7 to practice from 7pm to 9pm. with plenty of space and multiple points on our custom-built industrial-steel frame and another set above our generously sized stage, air-conditioning for those hot Sydney summers, and lighting that’s practical, Studio Kink provides a venue that can comfortably rival the best in the world for rope and rope education.

SKORE is for you to practice, share or to tie and be tied. Simply for the love of the moment, the space and the energy. Share your rope with us and let us share ours with you. Top, bottom, chat, laugh and learn at the Studio Kink Open Rope Exchange.

Please note: we wish to make this as safe and comfortable an environment as we can. This means we will ask participants to stay within their skill level. This means that unless you are practicing a suspension sequence you have learnt at the studio, you will need to check in with a Studio Kink Team member first. If your behaviour makes another participant uncomfortable this will be explained to you and/or you may be asked to leave. Please be mindful of the space of others. Do not encroach on their practice or talk to people while they are in the middle of rope. Keep loud conversations for the social area (the balcony). If you have any problems, concerns or feel unsafe or uncomfortable, then please let a Studio Kink Team member know. We ask that the focus of your practice remains rope. While you can incorporate other elements into this, please be aware this is a practice space, not a party.


S.K.O.R.E. is a drop in event so no pre-booking is required. This means pay by cash or card on the night. S.K.O.R.E. costs $10 per person.


What do I need to wear?

We recommend comfortable, casual clothing that allows you freedom of movement. What you would wear to the gym or yoga would be fine. 

Do I need to come with a partner?

No. You can attend SKORE on your own or with a partner or friends. 

Do I need any previous experience?

No. SKORE is not a class so there is no assumed knowledge. We ask participants stay within their skill set and inform a Studio Kink Team member before attempting suspension.

Do I need to bring rope?

We do not provide rope at SKORE to to use some you must either bring your own or borrow from a friend.

Where can I purchase rope?

Studio Kink stocks DV8 natural Jute which the entire team recommend. Alternatively this can be purchased from the online shop here

How do I find Studio Kink?

Check out the location page. Studio Kink is located in an access controlled building. Doors open 15 minutes before classes are scheduled to start. If you have not been to the Studio before we recommend coming 10 minutes before class starts so that you have plenty of time to find the entrance and so that a team member can show you around the Studio before class starts.