Pup Mosh

Pups, Handlers and Undecided!

3pm to 6pm

It's time for another Mosh! <insert collective pup howling> 

Held at the wonderful Studio Kink in St Peters, come on over for toys, treats and a tumble on the mats!

The cost of entry is $20 per person pre booked online or $25 at the door. You can purchase tickets at the door on the day, or online using the form below.

As with all events held by Syd-PAH, this is non-sexual. Gear is allowed but genitals concealed is a minimum. Think Hellfire dress code. This is also inclusive; all genders and sexualities will attend, so please be respectful. Please also respect boundaries, a pup being in the play area doesn't necessarily mean you can run up and tackle them playfully, everyone pups up differently.

Some food and drinks will be provided but mainly as nibblies. Everyone is more than welcome to bring their own.

If you're coming to the venue from the train station, it's a tad further than half way down the lane on the left hand side. You'll need to ring the door bell and wait for the door to be unlocked to enter. Wruff.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there again!


2019 Dates

Saturday 28th Sydney Fetish Week Syd-PAH Pup Mosh

December 14th