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Masterclass with Pedro and -Zilla-




For his second visit to Studio Kink, Sydney, Pedro proposes an Advanced Workshop.

The contents for the weekend will vary between "Dynamic Transition Sequences" with different harnesses (example: TK ; Strappado ; Waki Sarashi ; Tengu ; Front Prayer) and "Floor to Partial Suspension to Full Suspension" exercises.

The "Dynamic Transition Sequences" may be similar in form so that students can practice similar logics of transitioning while facing the challenges of having to adapt to different chest harnesses. On the "Floor to Partial Suspension to Full Suspension" exercises students will continue explore similar chest harnesses  to consolidate knowledge while introducing variety in the lower part of the body by using different structures, body manipulation, spacial awareness and flow.

The number of exercises will depend on the pace of the class.

WS Level: Advanced. Please contact the Studio Kink Team if you are unsure.


10am to 5pm Saturday 17th March. Doors open at 9:45am
11am to 6pm Sunday 18th March. Doors open at 10:45am

This includes a 1 hour lunch break as well as smaller breaks as required.


This class has prerequisites for all students.

Students Tying: A non-collapsible single/double column tie, a solid stem-based 3TK (such as Kanna, Kinoko, Kazami, etc. - or equivalent chest harness), knowledge of locking off lines, suspension and up-line management experience.

Students Being Tied: Body awareness regarding Nerves/Circulation/Placements/Communication and experience with suspensions.


  • minimum of 12 ropes (8 meters)
  • suggested 1 to 4 pieces of short ropes
  • suggested tenugui, bindfold,...
  • mandatory cutting tools
  • mandatory ring or carabiners and sling(s)

Note: although the WS can be done with ring technique, students tying should be aware that Pedro usually uses Carabiners, he carries 8 oval carabiners and 1 carabiner and/or rigging plate as main hard point.


Private Workshops

While in Sydney Pedro will also be available for private workshops. These workshops are $120 per hour for one tying couple and are available by contacting the Studio Kink Team via


please note:

In this workshop there is a NON-PHOTO / NON-VIDEO Policy.

Students are ONLY allowed to photograph/video-graph their OWN work, without capturing any persons in the background to avoid invading others privacy, this includes the teachers.

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