Intense Partials with Precipice

Sunday 18th November 11am - 5pm

Through the use of partial suspension techniques, you can expand the realm of your floorwork.

This class will look at the use of partial suspension techniques to give you the power to further expose, immobilise or control your rope bottom, giving you new opportunities to play in a different way with rope. This is also a great opportunity for more experienced models and riggers to improve their understanding of body mechanics in a way that is applicable to all forms of rope play.

This course will focus on 4 different components:
Immobilize. Expose. Control. Play.


This component covers fundamental techniques in partial suspensions and will show you how to apply them to create more intense bondage using rope. We will cover a chest harness specifically for floorwork and partials. We will also focus on line management, lockoffs and safety topics. Immobilize is all about the rope mechanics.


Here we will start to explore body mechanics. How bondage can be a combination of rope and a models own body. Then, using these concepts, we will look at how to make someone feel exposed. We will also look at the inverse, how to make someone feel secure, embraced and enclosed. Expose is your introduction to the body mechanics of rope bondage.


Through a combination of rope and body mechanics, this component focuses on making the model feel controlled. We will go through several exercises and sequences designed to improve understanding of how to play with partial suspensions to add a power exchange element to your ropework.


With an emphasis on combining body mechanics, flow, exposure and control, we will go through a series of time-honed progressions that look at every detail of the interaction between model, rope and rigger. This isn't the kind of rope you'll see in a performance and rarely at a party. More at home in the underground rope bars of Tokyo or private parlours, this style is an entire philosophy for scening with rope. Inspired heavily by his time studying in Japan, Precipice will share this powerful, intimate and subtle form of rope work.

Often seen as a stepping stone on the path to suspension, partial suspensions can be an entire way to scene with rope on their own. Through removing certain constraints involved in full suspension, partial suspensions allow you to play with rope in ways otherwise not possible.

Required knowledge:

  • single column tie

  • half hitch

  • rope joining

  • general proficiency (30+ hours of workshops and practice)

Note: no specific TK or other ties or suspension experience required

Required equipment:

  • 10x ~8m lengths of jute rope

  • 1x suspension ring OR 3x Carabiners

This style of rope involves a high degree of close contact between model and rigger, which some people may find intimate. It is necessary for both model and rigger to be aware of this, and be able to work together in this context. None of the exercises are mandatory - participants at their discretion or comfort may choose not to practice any specific exercises. All exercises will be demonstrated by Precipice on his co-presenter.