Meow Meow


In addition to Studio Kinks's regular terms and conditions of entry (available here), Meow meow will have the following specific rules:

Respect the safeword “Sparkles” if a cat safewords please back off. In all other instances we encourage you to use catspeak to vocalize.

We ask that you understand that by entering the kitty room you will be entering a space where others are exploring and enacting their pet play Fetish. That others are at different places in their exploration and may be shy or overwhelmed.

Be mindful of body language and vocalisations, while you can invite interaction please do not press anyone to play with you.

Only human pets and their owners/cat sitters in our kitty room.

Those on two legs will NOT touch any other cat without active consent. If you don’t know what active consent is then ask Aleni, she will be more than happy to explain it to you.

You are welcome to come and take a look but must remain in our human designated areas if you are not pusscatting out. You may join once you feel comfortable or not join at will.

Everyone in the kitty room can leave and rejoin at any time.

Human designated areas will allow human and kitty interaction. Again, if the kitty is not yours, don’t touch it.

The kitty room will have designated staff supervisors, these will be recognizable by wearing Studio Kink tee shirts. Follow their directions at all times.