Knife Play.jpg

Knife Play Workshop

Presented by Peter and Jilly

Knives/ Blades can make you either Hot or Shiver with sheer delight reactions, when a cold hard steel blade runs over your skin or when your clothing is slowly cut away, there is so much to this form of play. Peter is a veteran of more than 3 decades, Peter and his slave jilly will detail the use of knives in your play.

While looking at Knife play from a technical base it’s not all about Top Skills, he will also look at it from a sub/bottom perspective, chatting about the places this can take them to. It’s hot, its sexy, it’s a little bit dangerous, this will be a fun time.


This workshop will be both a Presentation and Demonstration together with some hands on.

Note: There will not be any cutting or Blood in this workshop.

Skill Level: All levels welcome.


About the Presenters

Peter has been in the Sydney scene for many years now and enjoys Knife Play very much. He has a wonderful collection of Knives and blades that he uses in play. He will have them with him at the Workshop to show during his Knife Play session. Peter just happens to be a sadist (and butcher by trade) when it comes to Knife Play often the more sensual Dominant side comes out.

Peter and jilly are well known not only in the Sydney scene, but also Melbourne, Brisbane, Darwin, Canberra having run workshops in those Cities. They have been attending events here for many years.

Peter and his slave jilly have been in a full D/s relationship for over 10 years now and have been 24/7 for 8 ½ years.