Saturday 18th May

Chainmail Creations – Learn to “Weave Maille”

European 4-in-1

11am - 1pm Presented by Angelanne and Tiger

Chainmail is traditionally thought of as flexible armour made from small metal rings linked together. In this class, you will learn to weave chainmail using both aluminium and rubber rings to create your own arm band. Aluminium comes in a variety of colours so there will be a choice of colours.

Chainmail is incredibly versatile and can be used to make intricate personalized jewelry pieces; household accessories such as table cloths, lamp shades and chandeliers; as well as fetish clothing, slave collars, whips and floggers. You could, in fact, create a whole BDSM scene with tools and equipment made with chainmail. When it comes to chainmail – your imagination is the limit.

Learn about the tools; ring types; ring sizes & gauges; chainmail weaves and their uses; aspect ratios and how they affect your weaves; chainmail care; and where to find good reference material: books, fetlife groups, & websites.

In this class you will come out with a piece you’ve made yourself, PLUS the skills and inspiration to start creating.

If you have your own rings and pliers, please bring them along, otherwise, kits will be available for $20 containing everything you need to create a rubber-mail arm band. It will contain black rubber rings, silver aluminium rings and coloured aluminium rings.

Scalemail Creations – learn to “weave scale”

2pm - 4pm Presented by Angelanne and Tiger

Scale armour was traditionally made up of small overlapping fish shaped metal plates. We can now enjoy the look and feel of scales in costuming and jewelry. It can be used to create wearable pieces such as gauntlets, vets, tops and skirts as well as versatile accessories, jewelry as well as many other spectacular creations. In this class, create your own aluminium hand guard/cuff.

We will use rings to join the scales together in a weave which is remarkably similar to the European 4 in 1. If you attended the European 4-in-1 chainmail class, you will find this does assist in learning the weave for the scale class.

Learn the techniques of joining scales together, finishing off the edges and creating different shaped pieces. You will be supplied with cord to fasten the hand guard to your wrist. There will also be additional rubber and aluminium rings in the kit to create a chainmail band to add to your hand guard.

In this class you will learn to weave scale and create an accessory you can wear to your next party, PLUS the skills and inspiration to start creating.

If you already have your own pliers, scales and rings, please bring them along.

Alternatively bring along $20 on the day to purchase a kit containing scales, aluminium rings & rubber rings $20 (Colour preference – first come basis) .

Also available will be Pliers (no teeth) price per pair $TBC


Saturday 18th May