Kazami Ranki 2018

The head of the Kazami-Ryu school of Shibari is coming back to Sydney this year, and will be conducting workshops and private lessons at Studio Kink.


Famously known as the Atrocious Nawashi, Kazami Ranki's Kinbaku show truly highlights the spirit of the woman in her tied element.

Studio Kink is excited that Miss Gen will be assistant teacher and interpreter for Kazami Ranki's Sydney 2018 workshops. Miss Gen is an officially licenced Kazami-Ryu instructor fluent speaker of the Japanese language. She has extensive experience tying with and translating for a number of great teachers to visit Australia from Japan.


We are happy to announce that Thistlebird will be modelling for the Kazami Ranki workshops.

Thistlebird has been involved in the Newcastle rope community since 2013 as a rope bottom, workshop model and rigger. She enjoys exploring unique and unusual dynamics in and out of rope, and especially enjoys the opportunities for connection and growth offered by a challenging rope session.

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Friday Night Class

Friday 31st August 6pm-9pm

Friday evening class shall be the Mununawa (TK) Class. This is the standard variation and the basis of all Kazami-Ryu Shibari.

Even if you have studied this Munenawa before, it is highly recommended to get a refresher in this class with the master himself.

Often referred to as the most comfortable TK by some of the worlds top Shibari models, the Kazami Munenawa owes its strength and stability to the solid stem structure.

This class is open to all levels of Rigger who have completed a a beginners level course. If you are unsure then please speak to a Studio Kink Team member. You will need a minimum of three hanks of a natural fibre rope like jute, and must attend as a tying couple. Singles are unfortunately not accommodated for.

Miss Gen will be assisting and interpreting for Kazami-Sensei throughout the class. 

Weekend Intensive

Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd September 10am to 5pm

This is a weekend of intensive learning taught by the renowned Kazami Ranki.

Pre-requisite: Kazami-Ryu TK

Class schedule shall be:

Saturday: 10:00am to 5:00pm (includes a 1 hour lunch break)

  • Hip Harnesses, 2 point & 3 point versions. This is a new variation of the Kazami-Ryu hip harness, never before taught in Australia.
  • Ao-Muke (Face Up) Suspension
  •  Transition Suspension: Sideways Suspension to Reverse Prawn Suspension

Sunday: 10:00am to 5:00pm (includes a 1 hour lunch break)

  • New Munenawa (TK), This is a new variation of the Kazami-Ryu Munenawa, never before taught in Australia.
  • Transition Suspension: Twisted Suspensions to Inversion

BONUS - Depending on time available, the following may be included:

  • Futomomo Suspension, new style
  • Non-Slip Hairtie

Please note: In order to keep the class flowing, switching is not permitted.

Private Lessons

One on one tuition is available from Kazami Ranki. Please contact the Studio Kink Team for more information.


Please note: all tickets are per person. Once you have selected the ticket type you want click the bold date in the calendar below the ticket selector.