Nawashi Kanna and Kagura


Nawashi Kanna is the successor of the legendary Akechi Denki, who passed away in 2005. He subsequently has studied the classical and contemporary rope methods used by the police and armed forces and used this to develop his own original kinbaku style, the Nawashi Kanna style.

Nawashi Kanna has taught a number of famous bakushi including Kinoko Hajime and Osada Steve, who has referred to him as “The best rigger in the world”.

Nawashi Kanna is world-renowned for his precision, rope-handling and control of tension, along with his stunning performances with his partner Kagura.

Weekend Masterclass

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May 11am to 5pm

This series of masterclasses is an opportunity to learn extensively from Nawashi Kanna. In these classes lesson Kanna san will introduce you to a variety of Suspensions and Techniques to improve your skills in this popular form of Shibari.

A solid suspension worthy Takate-Kote is required for this class.
We recommend being proficient with the one we teach in our intermediate course . If you are unsure if you are at the required skill level for the class please contact a member of the Studio Kink Team.

Friday Night Semenawa Intensive

Friday 18th May 6pm to 9pm

In this class Kanna san will introduce you to his favourite style of Shibari, Semenawa (Torture Rope). Kanna san is infamous for his love of Semenawa, and his performances and personal tying always incorporates many torturous techniques. There is literally no one better at this type of tying!

Saturday Night Performance Evening

Saturday 19th May Doors open 7pm

Based on the feedback from when we have hosted international guests in the past, we are opening our doors again at 7pm on Saturday for an unmissable Performance Evening. Whether or not you attend our classes throughout the week (or the weekend), this is your chance to get up close and personal with Nawashi Kanna, Kagu-Ra and the Studio Kink Team.

Performances will start at around 8pm, with doors opening at 7pm. 

Last time Nawashi Kanna and Kagura performed in Sydney they blew away the audience. The combination of powerful connection and intricate elaborate rope work, took viewers on an emotional journey. Our performance nights to date have all sold out so we recommend getting your tickets quick.

Dress code: Fetish, evening, or something a bit special.


Only a limited amount of first release tickets are available until sold out.