Intermediate Rope

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Intermediate Rope


Shibari or Kinbaku is the art of erotic Japanese Rope Bondage – beautiful and engaging, it has a rich history and deep roots in Japanese culture.

The Studio Kink Team have been working on a new format for our regular rope tuition.

Starting in February is our new  three stream syllabus based system. We have lesson plans for the entire remainder of the year. This guarantees that you can progress and won’t be unnecessarily repeating content.

This progression is a prerequisite for our Advanced rope class


Our intermediate progression is a series of three courses repeated throughout the year. This progression has been designed based on the extensive teaching experience of the Studio Kink Team. It will take you through a number of ties and exercises to cover a large skillset.




Hip Harnesses
Hishi Gote
Hip Harnesses
Hishi Gote
Hip Harnesses
Hishi Gote

Any of the three intermediate courses follow on from our beginners course. This means you can go straight from the beginners course into either the Takatekote, Hip Harnesses or Hishi Gote course, then complete the other two in following months (the order you do our intermediate courses in is up to you).

While it is not compulsory to complete prerequisites, we highly recommend them in order to get the most from the course.

We recommend having a partner to tie for the intermediate progression in order to practice hands on and receive. You will need your own rope.

Doors open 6:45 pm and classes begin 7pm sharp and will finish before 9pm. The Studio is open for supervised practice until 9pm.


This course is offered in the following formats.

  • A series of 4 classes. One each Thursday night beginning at 7pm and ending by 9pm. The first class of the course is the first Thursday of each month.  You can either buy tickets to each class individually or you can purchase a pass for the entire month (at a discount)
  • A Saturday Intensive. One Saturday per month starting 1pm and finishing by 5pm, we run an intensive version of this course. It is the exact same content as the Thursday night version just condensed.

The Studio Kink Team can also arrange private one on one tuition to cover the same content. For more information about this option please contact a Studio Kink Team member.


Intermediate and Advanced Rope

What do I need to wear?

We recommend comfortable, casual clothing that allows you freedom of movement. What you would wear to the gym or yoga would be fine.

Do I need to come with a partner?

While not required, we strongly recommend bringing someone to practice with. In order to learn how to tie with the correct tension and adapt the tie to individuals, practicing in class and receiving feedback from an instructor is invaluable. If you do not come with a partner you will be unable to participate in the hands on components of the course.

What if I don't have a partner to bring?

If you don’t have a friend to bring you might want to arrange to partner with another student and share class time as rigger/bottom.  We recommend you get to know other students in your Introduction to Shibari class, speak to the teacher or put a message on our fetlife group or facebook event page.

Do I need any previous experience?


The intermediate course has some prerequisite skills. For the intermediate course you need to be proficient with the content of Introduction to Shibari. This means you should be able to tie: single column, inline cuff and join rope. If you are unsure then either speak to a Studio Kink Team member or attend one of our beginners classes.

The Advanced class requires students to have either completed our Intermediate course or be invited by a Studio Kink Team Member. If you have not completed the Intermediate course but wish to attend the advanced then please express your interest to the Studio Kink Team and they can advise you on the suitability of the Advanced course.

Do I need to bring rope?

Yes. Each person intending to tie needs to bring at least 4 pieces of 7 to 8 m long jute. If you are unsure if your rope is suitable then please show it to a Studio Kink Team member and ask.

Where can I purchase rope?

Studio Kink stocks DV8 natural Jute which the entire team recommend. Alternatively this can be purchased from the online shop here

What if I want to be tied up?

We recommend that people who want to be tied attend this course too, it will give you a better understanding of Japanese Rope allowing you to make better informed decisions about safety and the skill of potential rope tops

What if I can’t make four Thursday nights in a row?

We offer this course in an intensive format one Saturday per month. You can also attend the progression over the course of a few months. Alternatively you can book a private class with one of the team members to catch up.

How do I find Studio Kink?

Check out the location page. Studio Kink is located in an access controlled building. Doors open 15 minutes before classes are scheduled to start. If you have not been to the Studio before we recommend coming 10 minutes before class starts so that you have plenty of time to find the entrance and so that a team member can show you around the Studio before class starts.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my practice partner even if they are not tying?

For all Studio Kink events unless explicitly stated otherwise, tickets are per person. This has been factored into the cost of tickets. We believe in doing this for a few reasons:

  • sometimes people don’t want to come as couples, they can come as onesomes, twoesomes or moresomes
  • when people do come with a partner we don’t assume that one partner is covering the full cost. We encourage people to work this out between themselves but believe by not bundling tickets this makes it easier
  • we believe that top, bottom, rigger, model, bunny, switch or anything in between are of equal importance we are an equal opportunity teaching studio and everybody learns something from whichever role they assume.