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Sunday 23rd June


11am - Presented by Angel

To the converted, “the bullwhip is the epitome of S&M”. You are always playing on the edge when you use a bullwhip. Whips are highly dangerous which makes them all the more enticing.

Anyone can crack a whip!! The skill is not in the ability to hit hard and “bite”,but in the ability to “kiss” the skin, like the caress of a feather. Controlling intensity of the crack, varying the potency & precision of impact requires dedication and lots and lots of practice.

Single tail whips have been around for centuries and are famously used for herding animals. There is nothing like the crack of a whip to draw attention and make a statement, whether on the cattle farm or in a dungeon. They can be erotic, sexy and invoke a submissive mindset.  They can tease and tantalize but also inflict severe pain. The crack alone can drop a submissive to their knees.

Single tails, riding crops, and Cat’O’Nine tails are all considered to be types of whips.  In this class you will be taken through the basics of using a single tail.

We will discuss:

  • The components of a single tail,

  • Where to hit / Where not to hit,

  • Warming up your bottom,

  • Ensuring the wellbeing of the bottom and top

  • Basic techniques and practicing tips

  • How to set up your play space,

  • How to choose the right whip for you.

  • Safety  

There will be a demonstration of throwing techniques.  If you have a single tail, please bring it along. This workshop is designed for those who are new to single tails and desire to learn the essential techniques for safe enjoyable whip use in a scene.

Come and discover the secrets to using whips in play.

Florentine Flogging

1:30pm - Join Angel & Tiger and learn the art of Florentine flogging.

The term “Florentine” was originally designated to the art of wielding two weapons. Florentine Flogging refers to the art of using two floggers, one in each hand. This can take many forms and be done in many combinations but is most commonly thought of as swinging two floggers in interlocking figure 8 patterns. Florentine is both elegant to watch and rhythmical to feel.

Angel & Tiger will discuss Florentine flogging; the best types of floggers to use; provide some Florentine demonstrations; And then use simple formulas to teach the techniques. You will leave with the knowledge needed to incorporate some double handed rhythms into corporal punishment scenes and the skills to add some flare into your flogging style.

This is a “hands on” class so it would be ideal for students to bring two floggers which are the same or similar length and weight. A good length when starting out with Florentine flogging is about 60-80cm. It’s best if there is some weight in the fall so that the strands fall easily together, but not so heavy that they are hard to manage when wielding for a period of time. You can bring articulated floggers, although they can be a little more difficult to handle.

With practice this will be one lesson you will never forget. Tiger & Angel will work with everyone in the class so that you will go away with the knowledge to “Florentine up a storm”

Requirements: This class assumes a basic understanding of flogging including impact zones, variations in flogger construction & makeup and some general flogging experience.

Canes, Glorious Canes

3:30pm - Presented by Precipice and Atheera

Canes are a wonderful SM implement. Able to deliver sensations ranging from a gentle tap or rub through to searing pain. Canes are extremely versatile!

Many people think canes are only for hardcore players. This class will cover the entire spectrum!

In this class you will have the opportunity to learn how timing, force and location of cane strokes can be used to take your bottom on a journey deep into subspace with a focus on finesse over force.