Beat and Greet

Beat and Greet.jpg

Studio Kink Impact Play Skillshare

Leather slaps rhythmically against flesh, counterpointed by the exhalation of effort, of giving and receiving. Bodies strain together, pushing to come out on top, struggling towards exhaustion, becoming one in a dance of defiance. Pounding, radiating, sharp, dull, tingling, pinching, burning, pulsing, beating, stabbing, throbbing, shooting, hot, nagging, thudding, stinging.

Impact play is so much more than punishment, more than simple pain.

With no instructors, this is a peer based skillshare session. You decide what you want to do and what you want to see from peers in cooperative, supportive environment.

Studio Kink supplies the space and a plethora of spanking benches, A frames, restraint points and play stations in air conditioned comfort. Plenty of space to socialise, lounge. The perfect setting to get your kink on.

From floggers, whips, canes to bare hands. This is your chance to get together with other impact play enthusiasts and share some skills. Come and practice, socialise and exchange knowledge with like minded impact players