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Shibari Suspensions September 2018

Bamboo, Yes Bamboo

Over the four weeks will show varying way in which to use bamboo in your suspensions and floorwork. Tying from bamboo is very different from tying off rings or carabiners. 


Week One:

  • Showing how I have rigged up my Bamboo to be easily used for full and partial suspension
  • Showing how to lockoff to bamboo
  • Partial suspension techniques using bamboo

Week Two:

  • Revise lockoffs from last week
  • Do static face up suspension - using hands in front tie

Week Three:

  • Do vertical based suspension sequence

Week Four:

  • Do basic transition sequence from bamboo


  • Minimum 2 rope TK without prompting
  • Hip Harness  - whatever you are comfortable with
  • Hands in front tie will be of great benefit
  • Minimum 7 - 10 pieces of rope (7-8m)
  • We will provide the bamboo


For tickets book in to Shibari Suspensions 'September Wednesday night Course' or  'September Saturday Intensive'